Title Author Loc Category
Two-Hour Applique Allen, Leslie App-ALL Applique
Applique Designs My Mother Taught Me to Sew Anderson, Faye App-AND Applique
Butterflies & Blooms Armstrong, Carol App-ARM Butterflies, Flowers
Happy Holidays to You Art to Heart App-ART Christmas
Applique Quiltmaking: Contemporary Techniques with an Amish Touch Bass, Charlotte App-BAS Contemporary Amish
Applique Better Homes and Garden App-BET Applique basics
Great Applique - Wonderful Small Quilts Better Homes and Garden App-BET Miniature Quilts
Fun with Sunbonnet Sue Boerens, Trice; Beesley, Terrece App-BOE Sunbonnet Sue, Overall Bill
Vest Year Ever Boroff, Jackie App-BOR Vests, Applique, Wearable Art
Folk Art Animals Brandt, Janet C App-BRA Animals
Grandmother's Garden Quilt Burns, Eleanor     App-BUR Floral Applique
The Best of Jacobean Applique Campbell, Patricia B / Ayars, Mimi App-CAM Applique (Jacobean)
Raw-Edge Applique Davis, Jodie App-DAV Frayed Quilts
Hearts and Flowers (Star Quilts VIII): Hand Applique from Start to Finish Delaney, Kathy App-DEL Applique (Hand)
Easy Art of Applique, The Dietrich, Mimi; Eppler, Roxi App-DIE Applique (How to)
Blossoms in Winter:  14 Designs in Wool-Felt Applique Eaton, Patti / Mostek, Pamela App-EAT Applique (Wool), Small Projects
Black American Farm Family 1880-1900's Gatling Class, Jim App-GAT Applique,Farm Family
Mastering Machine Applique:  Mock Hand Applique and Other Techniques, The Satin Stitch Hargrave, Harriet App-HAR Machine Applique
Beyond the Horizon, Small Landscape Applique Hearder, Valerie App-HEA Miniature Quilts, Landscape Quilts
Country Bride Quilt Heisey, Craig; Pellman, Rachel App-HEI Applique, Patterns
Stained Glass Quilts Made Easy Helmkamp, Amy W App-HEL Stained Glass Quilts
Quilting with the Muppets Henson, Jim App-HEN Sesame Street, Baby Quilts, Muppets Theme
Once Upon a Quilt, Fairy Tales in Fabric Kaster, Bonnie; Athey, Virginia App-KAS Fairy Tale Theme, Children's Quilts
Applique Borders an Added Grace Kimball, Jeana App-KIM Borders (applique)
Autumn Threads Need'l Love Company, Inc App-NEE Small Projects, Wearable Art, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Autumn
A Walk Through the Garden Piecemakers App-PIE Garden Motif applique w/templates
Celebrations Selck, Janet App-SEL Sailor Sam, Cowboy Bill, Small Projects
Petal by Petal Shay, Joan App-SHA Flowers--appliqued
Invisible Applique Simms, Ami App-SIM Technique (Applique)
Holiday Magic, No-Sew Applique Wells, Jean App-WEL Applique (Fusing), Small Projects, Wearable Art, Holidays
Create Your Own Labels Churbuck, Kim Crf-CHU Labels
Complete Encyclopedia of Crafts,The Columbia House Crf-COL Crafts, Embroidery, Beadwork
Crafting with the New Ribbons Foutz, Katheryn Crf-FOU Ribbon work
Small Quilt Crafts Geiger, Jennifer Crf-GEI Crafts, Small Projects
Whimsical Animals - Dolls To Make From Fabric Gourley, Miriam Crf-GOU Animals and dolls
Prairie People Hadley, Marji; Ridgley, J Dianne Crf-HAD Crafts
Spirit of Christmas Book 3 Leisure Arts Crf-LEI Christmas, Crafts
Spirit of Christmas Book 4 Leisure Arts Crf-LEI Christmas (Crafts)
Christmas Scrap Crafts Malone, Maggie Crf-MAL Crafts, Patterns, Christmas
Folded Fabric Fun Martin, Nancy Crf-MAR Fabric Folding
Cowboy Crafts - Projects with a Western Flair McCowen, Jake Crf-MCC Cowboy inspired crafts
No-Sweat Sweats Michell, Marti Crf-MIC Sweatshirts, Wearable Art
Embroidery Better Homes and Garden Emb-BET Embroidery
Great Grandma Ives' Redwork Coakley, Linda H Emb-COA  Redwork
Sunbonnet Babies Corbett, Bertha Emb-COR Embroidery (Sunbonnet)
Ribbon Embroidery by Machine Duncan, Marie; Farrell Emb-DUN Ribbon Embroidery
Red & White (Set of 2 books) Harding, Deborah Emb-HAR Redwork, History (Redwork)
Embroidered Childhood Memories Hopkins, Brenna; Koenig, Nori Emb-HOP Embroidery
Linen Heirlooms Vintage Lines Hopkins, Brenna; Koenig, Nori Emb-HOP Embroidery (Vintage)
Kitties to Stitch and Quilt Martin, Nancy Emb-MAR Redwork
Art of Silk Ribbon Embroidery Montano, Judith Emb-MON Embroidery, Silk Ribbon
A New Look for Redwork Oates Emb-OAT Redwork
Redwork, Quilts & More Sinema, Laurene Emb-SIN Embroidery (Redwork), Suzanne McNeil Designs
Plain and Simple Bender, Sue Fic-BEN Non-Fiction (Amish)
Quiltmaker's Gift Brumbeau, Jeff; de Marcken, Gail Fic-BRU Fiction (Children)
Cross Country Quilter Chiaverini, Jennifer Fic-CHI Fiction, History (USA)
Round Robin Chiaverini, Jennifer Fic-CHI Fiction
Alice's Tulips Dallas, Sandra Fic-DAL Fiction
Persian Pickle Club Dallas, Sandra Fic-DAL Fiction
Crewel World Ferris, Monica Fic-FER Fiction
Goose in the Pond Fowler, Earlene Fic-FOW Fiction
Kansas Troubles Fowler, Earlene Fic-FOW Fiction
Mariner's Compass Fowler, Earlene Fic-FOW Fiction
Seven Sisters Fowler, Earlene Fic-FOW Fiction
Stitch of Courage Hubalek, Linda K Fic-HUB Fiction
Every Quilt Has a Story Kelley, Helen Fic-KEL Non-Fiction
Just Plain Pickled to Death Myers, Tamar Fic-MYE Fiction
Sarah's Patchwork Whitson, Stephanie Fic-SHI Fiction
Karyn's Memory Box Whitson Fic-WHI Fiction
Nora's Ribbon of Memories Whitson Fic-WHI Fiction
Twentieth Century's Best American Quilts Austin, Mary ed. His-AUS History (USA), Template (Rail Thru the Rockies)
America's Printed Fabrics 1770-1890 Brackman, Barbara His-BRA History (American Fabric), Reproduction Quilts
Hawaiian Quilt Brandon, Reiko His-BRA History (Hawaii) with patterns, Hawaiian Quilts
Quilts and Women of the Mormon Migrations: Treasures in Transition Cross, Mary B His-CRO History (USA), Mormons
Treasures in the Trunk: Quilts of the Oregon Trail Cross, Mary B His-CRO History (USA)
Voices of the Past England, Kaye His-ENG History (USA) with patterns
Voices of the Past, Vol II England, Kaye His-ENG History (USA) with patterns
Quiltmakers of Australia Fail, Karen His-FAI History (Australia)
New England Quilt Museum Gilbert, Jennifer His-GIL History (USA), New England
Patches of Time Halpin, Linda His-HAL History (USA) with patterns
American Quilts & Coverlets Metropolitan Museum of Art His-MET History (USA)
Quilt Masterpieces Pfeffer, Susanna His-PFE History (USA)
Quilts of British Isles Rae, Janet His-RAE History (British Isles)
Complete Book of Seminole Patchwork Rush, Beverly His-RUS History (Seminole) with patterns
Quilting the World Over Soltow, Willow Ann His-SOL History (World-Wide, Asian, African, Europe, USA, Central America, South America, South Pacific)
Hidden in Plain View, Quilts of the Underground Railroad Tobin, Jacqueline / Dobard, Raymond His-TOB History (USA)
Old Swedish Quilts Wettre, Asa His-WET History (Swedish Quilts)
Thimbles & Sewing Implements Zalkin, Estelle His-ZAL History (Thimbles)
Life Is Not a Dress Size Farro, Rita Msc-FAR Sewing, Wearable Art
Press For Success Giesbrecht, Myrna Msc-GIE Pressing--How to
Holiday Collage Quilts Goldstein, Joanne Msc-GOL Collage quilts, Embellishments
Bead Embroidery Campbell-Harding, Valerie; Watts, Pamela Msc-HAR Beadwork
From Fabric to Fiber Hargrave, Harriet Msc-HAR Fabric
Blueprints on Fabric Hewitt, Barbara Msc-HEW Fabric
Borders Hook, Dianne J Msc-HOO Labels
Great Works of Heart Leisure Arts Msc-LEI Small Projects, Needlework crafts
Pain Free Quilting LeRoy, Carole Msc-LER Good Sewing Habits
Quilting Bees Lister, Barbara; Driver, Sherri Msc-LIS Quilting Bee (How To)
Homespun Wearables Lynne, Alma Msc-LYN Wearable Art
Ready to Use Banners Menten, Ted Msc-MEN Labels
Jacket Jazz Murrah, Judy Msc-MUR Wearable Art, Jackets
Colors Changing Hue Porcella, Yvonne Msc-POR Small Projects, Textile Painting
Beading Basics Stori, Mary Msc-STO  Beadwork
A Little French Pantry Vaness-Ann Collection Msc-VAN Needlework, Small Projects, Embroidery, Cross Stitch, Applique
Basic Guide to Dyeing & Painting Fabric Walter, Cindy / Priestley, Jenifer Msc-WAL Textile Painting & Dyeing
More Snippet Sensations Walter, Cindy Msc-WAL Fabric Art
Snippet Sensations Walter, Cindy Msc-WAL Fabric Art
Fabric Postcards Warren, Judy Msc-WAR Landscape quilts
Creative Cotton Chenille Webb, Marjorie; Noah, Sandra Msc-WEB Chenille, Wearable Art, Small Projects
Colourwash Quilts Amsden, Deirdre Pch-AMS Colourwash Quilts
Tumbling Blocks AQS Pch-AQS AQS Quilt Winners, Tumbling Blocks
California Cruisin' Atkinson, Terry Pch-ATK Quilts & Recipes, Stars, Quilt Shops (Calif)
Not Your Grandmother's Flower Garden, Too Baker, Marci L. Pch-BAK Hexagons, Strip piecing
Tynnebelle's Quilt Beer, Peg / Perkins, Debra Pch-BEE Miniature patchwork, foundation piecing
Tynnebelle's Quilts--Collections Miniature Foundation Patterns Beer, Peg / Perkins, Debra Pch-BEE Foundation piecing, Miniature quilts.
Country Quilts for Children Benner, Cheryl; Pellman, Rachel Pch-BEN Children Quilts
American Patchwork & Quilting Better Homes and Garden Pch-BET Baby Quilts, Wearable Art, Small Projects, Technique (Basics)
America's Heritage Quilts Better Homes and Garden Pch-BET History (Quilts), Technique (Basics)
Great Patchwork - Stars and Stripes Better Homes and Garden Pch-BET Patriotic Quilts
Great Patchwork - Working with Triangles Better Homes and Garden Pch-BET Triangles
Patchwork & Quilting Better Homes and Garden Pch-BET Basic patchwork, Small Projects
Scrap Quilt Celebration Bolesta, Karen Pch-BOL Scrap Quilts
Big Book of Quick Rotary Cutter Quilts Bono, Pam Designs Pch-BON Strip piecing, Technique (Rotary Cutting,  Basics)
Quilt It For Kids Bono, Pam Pch-BON Children Quilts
Delectable Mountains Burns, Eleanor Pch-BUR Delectable Mountains Quilt
Fantasy Flowers Burbank, Doreen Pch-BUR Fabric Folding
Still Stripping After 25 Years Burns, Eleanor Pch-BUR Strip Quilts
Town Square Sampler Burns, Eleanor Pch-BUR Sampler quilts
Trio of Treasured Quilts Burns, Eleanor Pch-BUR Patchwork, Patterns, Technique
Underground Railroad Sampler, The Burns, Eleanor Pch-BUR History (USA), Underground Railroad with patterns
Days to Remember Christopherson, Teri Pch-CHR Black Mountain Quilts
Patchwork Quilts Consumer Guide Pch-CON Patchwork
Bright and Beautiful Quilts Craftworld Books Pch-CRA Patchwork, Applique
Paper-Pieced Curves Davis, Jodie Pch-DAV Paper piecing curves
Three Dimensional Pieced Quilts Davis, Jodie Pch-DAV 3-D quilts
Victorian Quilt Block Designs Davis, Jodie Pch-DAV Victorian Blocks, Paper Piecing
Pink Ribbon Quilts Dietrich, Mimi Pch-DIE Breast Cancer
Quilts, An American Legacy Dietrich, Mimi Pch-DIE Smithsonian Quilt Collection, History (USA)
50 Fabulous Paper-Pieced Stars Doak, Carol Pch-DOA Stars, Technique (Paper Piecing)
Country Medallion Sampler Doak, Carol Pch-DOA Sampler quilts
Charm Quilts Donaldson, Beth Pch-DON Charm quilts
Creative Triangles for Quilters Elwin, Janet B Pch-ELW Triangles
Our Best Seasonal Quilts Fons, Liz & Porter, Marianne Pch-FON Season themed quilts, Leisure Arts Presents
Benni Harper's Quilt Album Fowler, Earlene/Hall, Margrit Pch-FOW Quilts inspired by fiction
Wearable Quilts Gadia-Smitely, Roselyn Pch-GAD Wearable Art, Technique (Design/Plan/Adjust Clothing Patterns), History (Wearable Art)
Great American Quilts 1987 O'Brien, Sandra Pch-GAQ Patchwork (Collection)
Great American Quilts 1990 O'Brien, Sandra L Pch-GAQ Patchwork (Collection)
Great American Quilts 1993 O'Brien, Sandra Pch-GAQ Collection of quilts
Quilting Masterclass:  Inspirations and Techniques from the Experts Guerrier, Katharine Pch-GUE Contemporary
Crazy Patchwork Haigh, Janet Pch-HAI Crazy Quilt, Small Projects, Embroidery, Wool Quilts, Lace Blocks
Absolute Beginner's Guide to Patchwork, Quilting & Applique, The Hammond, Elaine Pch-HAM Beginner's patchwork, Small Projects
Fat Quarter Quilts Hawley, M'Liss Rae Pch-HAW Quilts from fat quarters
Patterns for Paper Piecing Herlan, Tess Pch-HER Paper piecing
Connecting Up Hopkins, Mary Ellen Pch-HOP Patchwork, Patterns, Technique
Fit To Be Tied Hopkins, Judy Pch-HOP Bow Tie Quilts
For the Birds Huff, Jaynette Pch-HUF Birds
Needles & Notions: Paper Pieced Patterns with a Sewing Room Theme Huff, Jaynette Pch-HUF Paper Piecing, Miniature Quilts
Quilts and Borders Hughes, Trudi Pch-HUG Borders, Template Free Quilts
Block Magic, Too Johnson-Srebro, Nancy Pch-JOH Paper piecing
Crystal Piecing Johannah, Barbara Pch-JOH Crystal Pieced Quilts
Cat's Meow Kime, Janet Pch-KIM Cats, Animal Theme
It's Raining Cats and Dogs Kime, Janet Pch-KIM Cats & Dogs, Animal Theme
Attic Windows Quilts with a View Leone, Diana; Walter, Cindy Pch-LEO Attic Window Quilts
Quilt Room Lintott, Pam; Miller, Rosemary Pch-LIN Pieced & Applique, Mariner's Compass, Cathedral Windows, 3-D Patchwork, Log Cabin, Miniature Quilts, Christmas, Colourwash, Fabric Collage
Special Delivery Quilts Lose, Patrick; Pch-LOS Baby Quilts
Shadow Quilts Magaret, Patricia; Slusser, Donna Pch-MAG Strip Piecing
Watercolor Quilts Magaret, Patricia; Slusser, Donna Pch-MAG Watercolor Quilt
Easy Quilts by Jupiter Maison, Mary Beth Pch-MAI Easy Patchwork
Quilting Shortcuts Malone, Maggie Pch-MAL Patterns (Blocks), Short cuts
Beyond the Blocks - Quilts with Great Borders Martin, Nancy Pch-MAR Borders, Techniques (Basics)
Scrap Quilts Martin, Judy Pch-MAR Scrap Quilts
Simply Scrappy Quilts Martin, Nancy Pch-MAR Scrap Quilts
Time Crunch Quilts (with CD) Martin, Nancy Pch-MAR Time saving tips
Zig Zag Diamond Marcott, La Verna; Witte, Nancy Pch-MAR Diamond block
Mariner's Compass Mathison, Judy Pch-MAT  Mariner's Compass
Quilting for People Who STILL Don't Have Time to Quilt Michell, Marti Pch-MIC Nine Patch, Four Patch, Twenty-Five Patch, Burgoyne Quilts
Crazy but Pieceable Milne, Hollie Pch-MIL Patchwork
Crazy Quilt Odyssey, Adventures in Victorian Needlework Montano, Judith Pch-MON Crazy Quilt, Small Projects, Needlework
Cut Loose Quilts Mullen, Jan Pch-MUL Patchwork, Quilting (Machine)
Handkerchief Quilts Newman, Sharon Pch-NEW Handerkerchief Quilts
Treasures From Yesteryear:  Book Two, Replicating Antique Quilts Newman, Sharon Pch-NEW Recreating Antique Quilts, Strip Quilts
Treasures From Yesteryear: Book One, Making Quilts From Vintage Blocks Newman, Sharon Pch-NEW Working w/Antique Blocks
Miniatures from the Heart: Judges' Choice Nolt, Joanne Pch-NOL Minature quilts
Patchwork For Your Home Ondori Pch-OND Small Projects, Quilting (Picture Patterns), Christmas
Christmas Quilt Block of the Month Oxmoor House Pch-OXM Christmas, Small Projects, Wearable Art
Baby Quilts from Grandma Palmer, Carolann Pch-PAL Baby Quilts
Cut No Triangles Parrot, Jo Pch-PAR Technique (Cutting), Template Free Blocks
Not Just Quilts Parrot, Jo Pch-PAR Technique (Cutting, Machine Quilting), Small Projects
Template Free Stars Parrot, Jo Pch-PAR Stars Blocks, Technique (Cutting, Template Free Blocks)
Two for Your Money Parrot, Jo Pch-PAR Machine quilting, Scrap Quilts
Victorian Patchwork Parker, Freda Pch-PAR Victorian Blocks, History (Victorian Period), Small Projects
American Country Scrap Quilts Porter, Liz / Fons, Marianne Pch-POR Scrap Quilts
Classic Basket Quilts Porter, Liz / Fons, Marianne Pch-POR Basket Quilts & Patterns
Paper Piecing Picnic Quilter's Newsletter Pch-QUI Paper piecing
More Quilts for Baby Reikes, Ursula Pch-REI Baby Quilts
Stars a La Carte Reynolds, Bethany Pch-REY Stars, Stack-N-Whack, Paper piecing
Memory Quilts in the Making Richards, Rhonda Pch-RIC Signature quilts, handkerchief quilts, photograph quilts, t-shirt quilts
Decoupage Quilts Roberts, Barbara Pch-ROB Pictoral Quilts, Applique (Fusing), People, Folk Art
Osage County Quilt Factory (incl templates) Robertson, Virginia Pch-ROB Osage County quilts
Perennial Patchwork Robinson, Jackie Pch-ROB  Flowers--pieced
Country Quilts in a Day: Using Strip Quilting & Other Speed Techniques Roen, Fran Pch-ROE Country Quilts, Technique (Speed Tips)
Quick and Easy Strip Quilting Rose, Helen W. Pch-ROS Strip Piecing
Quilting with Strips and Strings Rose, Helen W. Pch-ROS Strip Piecing, String Quilts
Painless Borders Schneider, Sally Pch-SCH Borders (pieced)
Generations Selck, Janet Pch-SEL Baby Sue, Scrap Quilts, Small Projects
Strips & Strings Sloppy, Evelyn Pch-SLO String quilts, Baby Quilts
I'll Teach Myself #1- Sewing Machine Fun Smith, Nancy; Milligan, Lynda Pch-SMI Sewing basics
Pineapple Passions Smith, Nancy; Milligan, Lynda Pch-SMI Pineapple Quilts
Colorful Angles Stein, Susan Pch-STE Hexagon, Angles
New Turn on Drunkard's Path Suit, Mary Sue Pch-SUI Drunkard's Path Quilts
Machine-Stitched Cathedral Windows Swanland, Shelley Pch-SWA Cathedral Windows
Magical Hexagons:  Simple Steps to Dynamic Quilts Thompson, Martha Pch-THO Hexagons
A World of Quilts Williams, Beth Ann Pch-WIL Quilts using ethnic fabrics, Small Projects
Quick and Easy Scrap Quilts Wilens, Patricia Pch-WIL Scrap Quilts, Technique (Basics)
Tradition with a Twist Young, Blanche & Stone, Dalene Pch-YOU Trip around the world quilts, Technique (Rotary Cutting)
Quick Quilted Miniatures Zimmerman, Darlene Pch-ZIM Miniature Quilts
State Capitals Quilt Blocks Banister, Barbara; Ford, Edna Ptt-BAN State Capital blocks
501 Quilt Blocks Better Homes and Garden Ptt-BET Patterns (Block)
Miniature Baltimore Album Quilts Buechel, Jennifer Ptt-BEU Miniature Quilts, Baltimore Album Quilts
Bears in the Woods Bouchard, Sue; Burns, Eleanor Ptt-BOR Children Quilts
Daddy's Ties Botford, Shirley Ptt-BOT Necktie quilts, Small Projects, Wearable Art, Christmas
Double Wedding Ring Design Variations Boyink, Betty Ptt-BOY Double Wedding Ring
Fans Galore for Modern Quilters Boyink, Betty Ptt-BOY Fans
Nine Patch Adventures Boyink, Betty Ptt-BOY Nine Patch
Star Quest for Quilters Boyink, Betty Ptt-BOY Stars
Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns Brackman, Barbara Ptt-BRA Patterns (Blocks)
An Amish Quilt in a Day Burns, Eleanor Ptt-BUR Roman Stripe, Amish Quilts
Short Cut Quilts (60 Patterns For Creating Quilts for 5" Squares) Burbank, Doreen Ptt-BUR Easy Patchwork using 5" squares
Bias Square Miniature Carlson, Christine Ptt-CAR Miniature Quilts
Holiday Happenings Carter, Crystal Ptt-CAR Christmas and other holiday quilts
Yo Yo Cut-Ups Dean, Vicki L Ptt-DEA Wearable Art
Bed and Breakfast Quilts Dietrich, Mimi Ptt-DIE Patterns, Applique, Patchwork
Repiecing the Past Dillow, Sara H Ptt-DIL Patterns
Show Me How to Paper Piece Doak, Carol Ptt-DOA Paper piecing
Your First Quilt Book (Or It Should Be) Doak, Carol Ptt-DOA Technique (Beginner), Patchwork
Men's Vests Dupre, Alexandra Ptt-DUP Wearable Art
Necktie Sampler Blocks Elwin, Janet B Ptt-ELW Necktie Projects
Irma's Sampler Eskes, Irma Ptt-ESK History (Netherlands) with patterns
Treasury of Quilting Patterns Fall, Cheryl Ptt-FAL Quilting patterns
Hearts Are Flowers Four Corners Ptt-FOU Heart Quilts
Homemade Biscuits Four Corners Ptt-FOU Biscuit Projects
Sew Easy Rag Quilting Four Corners Ptt-FOU Rag Quilting
Surprising Designs Fure, Carole M Ptt-FUR Technique (Design)
Four Seasons Wall Hangings Graham Ptt-GRA Patterns
Grandmother's Favorite Quilts Hatch, Sandra Ptt-HAT Patterns, Patchwork
Pieced Border Collection Hatch, Sandra Ptt-HAT Borders
Quilt Block Pot Holders Hatch/Arroman Ptt-HAT Small Projects, Crafts
Carrie Hall Blocks Havig, Bettina Ptt-HAV History (USA), Carrie Hall
Basket Garden Hickey, Mary Ptt-HIC Baskets, Applique & Pieced
Two-Hour Vests Hiney, Mary Jo Ptt-HIN Vests, Wearable Art
Around the Block Again: More Rotary-Cut Blocks Hopkins, Judy Ptt-HOP Technique (Rotary cutting)
Angels All Around House of White Birches Ptt-HOU Christmas
Flowers of the States House of White Birches Ptt-HOU State flowers
Log Cabins for Everyone House of White Birches Ptt-HOU Log Cabin Quilts
Master Quilter's Workshop Illustrated Guide to Borders and Binding House of White Birches (Warner, Jodi, ed.) Ptt-HOU Borders, Bindings
Master Quilter's Workshop Illustrated Guide to Half-Square Triangles House of White Birches (Warner, Jodi, ed.) Ptt-HOU Small Projects, Working with Half-Square Triangles
Overall Bill, 12 Delightful Quilt Designs House of White Birches Ptt-HOU Overall Bill
Patchwork Purses House of White Birches Ptt-HOU Purses
Quick to Stitch Weekend Quilts and Projects House of White Birches Ptt-HOU Small Projects, Wearable Art, Christmas
Sunbonnet Family Reunion Album House of White Birches Ptt-HOU Sunbonnet Family
Template Free Quilts and Borders, Book 4 Hughes, Trudie Ptt-HUG Borders
Thimbleberries Guide for Weekend Quilters Jensen, Lynette Ptt-JEN Small Projects, Time-Saving Tips
Quilting From the Heartland Jorgenson, Sharlene Ptt-JOR Patterns
Pioneer Trail Kemp, Jill Ptt-KEM History (USA)
Beyond the Rail Fence Lauder, Billie Ptt-LAU Rail Fence Quilts
Mystery Quilts - A Quilt Detective's Handbook Lauder, Billie Ptt-LAU Mystery Quilts
Queen's Rose Quilt, The Lauder, Billie Ptt-LAU Queen Rose
Best Selling Bazaar Patchwork Leisure Arts Ptt-LEI Small Projects
Quick Method Favorite Quilts Leisure Arts Ptt-LEI Small Projects, Christmas
A Quilter's Country Christmas Linsley, Leslie Ptt-LIN Christmas Projects, Christmas Quilts
Pretty Patchwork Linsley, Leslie Ptt-LIN Patterns
Fan Quilts Maerke, Marion; Schiaffino, M Carol Ptt-MAE Fan Quilts
Samplings from the Sea Makhan, Rosemary Ptt-MAK Sea Faring Theme
Housing Projects Martin, Nancy Ptt-MAR House block
Ocean Waves Martin, Nancy; McCloskey, Marsha Ptt-MAR Ocean Waves quilts
Ultimate Book of Quilt Block Patterns Martin, Judy Ptt-MAR Patterns (Blocks)
Fun with Miniature Log Cabin Blocks McConnell, Donna Ptt-MCC Miniature Quilts, Log Cabin
Quilts, Quilts, Quilts McClun, Diana; Nownes, Laura Ptt-MCC Technique (Basics), Quilting (Basics)
Piecing - Expanding the Basics McDowell, Ruth Ptt-MCD Patterns, Patchwork
When Quilters Gather McDowell, Ruth Ptt-MCD Patterns
101 Patchwork Patterns McKim, Ruby Ptt-MCK Patterns (Blocks, Quilts), History (Block Names),
Two Hour Mini Quilt Projects - Over 111 Designs McKenzie, Kate Ptt-MCK Small Projects
Nine Patch Meunier, Christiane Ptt-MEU Nine-Patch Quilts
849 Traditional Patchwork Patterns, A Pictorial Handbook Mills, Susan W Ptt-MIL Patterns (Block)
Favorite Flannel Quilts Miller, Janet; Parr, Susan Ptt-MIL Flannel Quilts
PS I Love You Baby Collection Milligan, Lynda; Smith, Nancy Ptt-MIL Baby Quilts
Calicoes & Quilts Unlimited Morrison, Judy Ptt-MOR Alaska Theme
More Quick Country Quilting (60 New Fast and Fun Projects) Mumm, Debbie Ptt-MUM Small Projects, Christmas, Baby Quilts, Children Quilts
Mumm's the Word - 10th Anniversary Book (22 Projects) Mumm, Debbie Ptt-MUM Small Projects, Christmas
Quick Country Christmas Quilts Mumm, Debbie Ptt-MUM Small Projects, Christmas
Quick Country Quilting:  Over 80 Projects Mumm, Debbie Ptt-MUM Small Projects, Christmas, Time Saving techniques
Quick and Easy Patchwork on the Sewing Machine Murwin, Susan; Payne Suzzy Ptt-MUR Machine Piecing
Hidden Block Quilts Nevaril, Lerlene Ptt-NEV Quilts with secondary patterns
Double Wedding Ring Nownes, Laura Ptt-NOW Double Wedding Ring Quilts
Treasury of Patchwork Borders Nyhan, Elizabeth Ptt-NYH  Borders
Sunbonnet Sue's Neighborhood Oxmoor House Ptt-OXM  Sunbonnet Sue
Dear Jane Papadakis, Brenda Ptt-PAP Dear Jane Quilt
Doilies and Yo Yos Parker, Vivian Ptt-PAR Small Projects, working with Doilies & YoYo's
Playful Patchwork Projects Pearson, Kari, & Friends Ptt-PEA Small Projects, Wearable Art
Wedge Works (tool included) Phillips, Cheryl Ptt-PHI Wedge Work
Picking up the Pieces Piecemakers Ptt-PIE Wearable Art
Three Dimensional Patchwork Sampler Robinson, Jackie Ptt-ROB Folded Blocks, Folded Patchwork
Australian Houses in Patchwork Rolfe, Margaret / Hodges, Beryl Ptt-ROL Patterns (Houses-Australian)
Go Wild with Quilts Rolfe, Margaret Ptt-ROL Birds, Animals
Hawaiian Quilting Root, Elizabeth Ptt-ROO Hawaiian Quilts
Bonnet Girls: Patterns of the Past Scott, Helen R. Ptt-SCO Bonnet Girls
Patchwork Animal Quilts Shurtleff, Marcia Ptt-SHU Animals - Pieced
More Nickel Quilts Speth, Pat Ptt-SPE Quilts from 5" blocks
Nickle Quilts Speth, Pat; Thode, Charlene Ptt-SPE Quilts from 5" blocks
Strip-Pieced Watercolor Magic Spingola, Deanna Ptt-SPI Watercolor, Strip-Piecing
New York Beauty AND Supplement (set of 2 incl freezer paper & templates) Stone Ptt-STO New York Beauty Block and Border
Raggy Strip Quilting Webb, Marjorie; Noah, Sandra Ptt-WEB Wearable Art
Grandmother's Quilts and How to Make Them Weiss, Rita Ptt-WEI Patterns
Plastic Templates for Quilting Weiss, Rita Ptt-WEI Quilting patterns and templates
A Patchwork Alphabet Westfall, Eileen Ptt-WES Small Projects, Techniques (Basic)
Quilts Say It Best Westfall, Eileen Ptt-WES Small Projects, Embroidery
Patchwork Super Totes Wheeler, Beth Ptt-WHE Small Projects, Bags
Complete Patchwork Quilting Course Basic Strip Piecing Manual (KWB1) Wood, Kaye Ptt-WOO Strip piecing
Strip Quilting Projects (KWB6) Wood, Kaye Ptt-WOO Strip piecing
Strip Quilting Projects 2 (KWB7) Wood, Kaye Ptt-WOO Strip piecing
Strip Quilting Projects 3 (KWB8) Wood, Kaye Ptt-WOO Strip piecing
Strip Quilting Projects 5 (KWB10) Wood, Kaye Ptt-WOO Strip piecing
Now That I Have It, What Am I Going To Do With It Zahrt, Deede Ptt-ZAH Small Projects
Quilted Legends of the West Zehner, Judy;Mosher, Kim Ptt-ZEH Patterns (American West), History (American Indian)
Sew Easy, Sew Now Zieman, Nancy Ptt-ZIE Sewing crafts
Lap Quilting Lives Bonesteel, Georgia Qui-BON Lap Quilting
Lap Quilting with Georgia Bonesteel Bonesteel, Georgia Qui-BON Lap Quilting
More Lap Quilting Bonesteel, Georgia Qui-BON Lap Quilting
Feathers That Fly:  How to Design, Mark, and Machine Quilt Feather Motifs Cleland, Lee Qui-CLE Machine feather quilting
Quilting Makes the Quilt Cleland, Lee Qui-CLE Quilting
Quilter's Companion, The Dietrich, Mimi; Thomas, Donna; Kimball,Jeana; Hanson, Joan Qui-DIE Quilting, Patchwork, Applique
Houses of Cloth Etzel, Wendy Qui-ETZ Quilting, History, Technique, Patterns
Complete Book of Machine Quilting Fanning, Robbie & Tony Qui-FAN Machine Quilting
Loving Stitches - Guide to Fine Hand Quilting Kimball, Jeana Qui-KIM Quilting (Hand)
Amish Quilting Patterns (56 Full Size Designs) Marston, Gwen; Cunningham, Joe Qui-MAR Amish Quilts
Machine Quilting Made Easy Noble, Maurine Qui-NOB Machine Quilting
Innovative Machine Quilting Risinger, Hettie Qui-RIS Machine Quilting
Create with Helen Squire: Hand & Machine Quilting Squire, Helen Qui-SQU Quilting--hand & machine
Helen's Copy and Use Quilting Patterns Squire, Helen Qui-SQU Quilting (Patterns)
Tried and True Favorite Old-Time Quilting Designs Thompson, Shirley Qui-THO Quilting Patterns
Celtic Quilt Designs Wiechec, Philomena Qui-WIE Celtic designs in quilts
Fabric Shopping with Alex Anderson Anderson, Alex Tec-AND Technique (Choosing Fabric)
Rotary Cutting with Alex Anderson Anderson, Alex Tec-AND Technique (Rotary Cutting)
Advancing on with the Square in a Square Technique II Barrows, Jodi Tec-BAR Square in a Square
Square in a Square Set: (1) Ruler, (2) Sq in Sq Book, (3) Advancing on with Sq in Sq Book, (4) Technique Video Barrows, Jodi Tec-BAR Square in a Square
Soft-Edge Piecing Beyer, Jinny Tec-BEY Soft-edge piecing, Applique
Quilted Landscapes Blalock, Joan Tec-BLA Machine embellishment
Star Log Cabin Burns, Eleanor Tec-BUR Log Cabin
Free Style Quilts Carlson, Susan Tec-CAR Technique (Design)
Personal Imagery in Art Quilts Carter, Erika Tec-CAR Technique (Design)
Nature of Design Colvin, Joan Tec-COL Technique (Design)
Mastering Quilt Marking Cory, Pepper Tec-COR Technique (Marking)
Happy Endings Dietrich, Mimi Tec-DIE Bindings
Folded Fabric Fun Elizabeth, Laura Tec-ELI Technique (Folding Fabric)
Braided Border Flynn, John Tec-FLY Borders
Quilter's Complete Guide Fons & Porter Tec-FON Technique (Basics)
Scrap Quilts Using Fast-Patch Hallock, Anita Tec-HAL Technique (Basics), Strip-Piecing, Scrap Quilts
Designing Quilts -The Value of Value Hammond, Suzanne T Tec-HAM Technique (Design, Color)
Essential Guide to Practically Perfect Patchwork; Everything You Need to Know to Make Your First Quilt, The Harer, Michele Tec-HAR Techique (Basics, Curves, Quilting, Finishing)
Design Your Own Quilt Hopkins, Judy Tec-HOP Technique (Design), Wall Hangings
Master Quilter's Workshop Illustrated Guide to Points and Curves House of White Birches Tec-HOU Curves--hand & machine, Hand piecing, Small Projects
Stripes in Quilts Mashuta, Mary Tec-MAS Stripes
Classic American Quilt Collection, The: Creative Ideas for Color & Fabric McKelvey, Susan Tec-MCK Technique (Color, Choosing Fabric)
Favorite Foundation-Pieced Minis Miniature Quilts Magazine Tec-MIN Foundation Piecing, Miniature Quilts
Dye It!  Paint It!  Quilt It! Mori, Joyce; Myerberg, Cynthia Tec-MOR Dyeing, Textile Painting
Quilting Together - How to Organize, Design and Make Group Quilts Nadelestern, Paula / Hancock, LynNell Tec-NAD Technique (Group Quilts; How to)
A Painter's Approach to Quilt Designs Newman, Velda Tec-NEW Technique (Design)
Best All-Time Tips for Quilters Pahl, Ellen Tec-PAH Techniques (Tips)
Quilter's Ultimate Visual Guide:  From A to Z, Hundreds of Tips and Techniques for Successful Quiltmaking, The Pahl, Ellen Tec-PAH Technique for all quilters
Tips for Quilters Pellman, Rachel T Tec-PEL Technique (Tips, Shortcuts)
Quilting Curves Pignatelli, Vikki Tec-PIG Topstitch Piecing, Machine Applique, Small Quilts
Curved Two-Patch System Schlotzhauer,Joyce M. Tec-SCH Curve Piecing-Design & Drafting, Small Projects, Pieced Flowers
Fresh Cut Flowers Schwartz, Liz/Seifert, Stephen Tec-SCH Paper Piecing, Floral Foundations)
Color Magic for Quilters Seely, Ann & Stewart, Joyce Tec-SEE Technique (Color)
Successful Quilting Seward, Linda Tec-SEW Technique (Basics), Applique, Quilting
Every Trick in the Book Simms, Ami Tec-SIM Technique (Tips)
I'll Teach Myself #2 - More Sewing Machine Fun Smith, Nancy; Milligan, Lynda Tec-SMI Sewing basics with small projects
I'll Teach Myself #3 - Step Into Patchwork (incl plastic templates) Smith, Nancy; Milligan, Lynda Tec-SMI Patchwork basics
Designing Your Own Quilt Soltow, Willow Ann Tec-SOL Technique (Design)
Pattern Play: Creating Your Own Quilts (incl templates) Speckman, Doreen Tec-SPE Technique (Design)
Quilting--Patchwork & Applique Sunset Book Tec-SUN Technique (Basics), Small Projects, Wearable Art
Perfect Match - A Guide to Precise Machine Piecing Thomas, Donna Lynn Tec-THO Machine Piecing
Favorite Techniques from the Experts, Rodale's Successful Quilting Library Townswick, Jane Tec-TOW Technique (Tips, Problem Solving)
Blooming Creations Wells, Jean Tec-WEL 3-D Embellishment, Small Projects
Art of Manipulating Fabric Wolff, Colette Tec-WOL Technique (Fancy Sewing, Quilting, Cording, Trapunto)
Strip Quilting Wold, Diane Tec-WOL Strip Piecing
Fabric Sculpture Ziegler, Kathleen;Greco, Nick Tec-ZIE Technique (Quilting, Threadwork, Collage, Soft Sculpture)



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